Thursday, June 9, 2011

A few improvements to discussions in Google Docs

In March, Google launched discussions in Google Docs, replacing comments with discussion threads, @mentions, email notifications, and much more. This week, they launched a handful of improvements.

Improvements to the discussion pane

The discussion pane now shows the selected text for each comment thread, making it easy to figure out which part of the document each discussion pertained to. We’ve also given the pane a visual tuneup.

Ever wondered if that document you shared is getting looked at. Google is now providing statistics.

Document statistics
Ever wonder if people are actually looking at the document you’ve shared? Wonder no longer. By clicking the Discussions button and then the Document stats link, you can now see the 7-day activity of your doc.

Collapse discussions

Sometimes, discussions can get a little long and start to clutter your workspace, particularly if guy-who-always-replies takes the discussion on a tangent. Now, long discussions are automatically collapsed and expanded on click.

Email notifications

Email notifications have also undergone a facelift. Instead of sending the entire discussion in reverse chronological order, we now show you the selected text and most recent comment, with the full thread in chronological order below.