Monday, June 13, 2011

Transfer Document Ownership

Admins can now transfer Google Documents from one user to another
Administrators can now transfer all documents owned by one user to another via the Administrator Control Panel. Reassigning ownership can be useful when a user is leaving your organization. This was previously only possible via the Google Documents List API. 

How to access what's new:

To transfer documents, click the ‘Advanced tools’ tab in the Administrator Control Panel, scroll down to the ‘Document ownership transfer' section and put the user name of the current owner in the ‘From’ field and the user name of the new owner in the ‘To’ field. Click ‘Transfer documents’ to complete the transfer.

Note: Transfers can be very large. You may want to check with the new document owner to make sure they have enough space in their Docs account. You can check storage used by clicking the ‘Upload’ button from the user’s Docs List.