Monday, February 6, 2012

Add titles, headings and customize the style of your document

You can customize the look of text and headings in your document using the styles toolbar menu. The styles toolbar menu displays the style of your text selection in a document, and lets you change the style or clear the formatting of your text.

Create headings and add a table of contents


You can use headings to designate sections of your document. Along with titles and text, you can customize Headings 1 - 6 in the styles toolbar menu.
To create a heading from existing text:
  1. Highlight the text you want to change into a heading.
  2. Expand the styles drop-down menu from the toolbar.
  3. Select a heading from the menu.

Table of contents

A table of content lists all of your document’s headings in order at the top of your document. When you click a heading name in the table of contents, you’ll jump to that section of the document.
  1. Create headings in your document, following the steps listed above.
  2. Go to the Insert menu.
  3. Select Table of contents. A table of contents will be inserted at the top of your document.

Customize titles, subtitles, headings and text style

With styles, you can quickly customize the look of text in a Google document. Use the new styles toolbar menu to format text in your document.
  1. Highlight a selection of text with the font size and style that you'd like to use for normal text or a particular heading.
  2. Go to the styles toolbar menu, and click the arrow next to Normal text or Heading 1-6.
  3. Select Update Heading X to match selection.
  4. All of the text in your document with the same text type, such as Heading 4 or Normal text, will be updated to match the font and font size of your initial selection.

Normal text

Normal text is the default text style of your document. If you update the style of normal text from the styles toolbar menu, the default text style of your document will change accordingly.
If you change the font style of normal text, the font style of the headings will update. If you want your headings to have a different font style than normal text, we recommend setting normal text style prior to setting heading text style.

Save default styles for your documents

You can save customized styles to be used by default for new documents.
  1. Expand the styles drop-down menu.
  2. Point your mouse to Options.
  3. Select Save as my default styles.
Then, apply that style to a new document:
  1. Expand the styles drop-down menu.
  2. Point your mouse to Options.
  3. Select Use my default styles.
To restore your default styles to the default Google document styles:
  1. Follow Steps 1 and 2 above.
  2. Select Reset styles.