Thursday, May 24, 2012

Scheduled Release track features update 5/23/12

The following features are now available to domains following the Scheduled Release track:
- Docs: Comments and discussions available to Government Edition domains.
- Gmail: Graduation of three labs: Message translation, Smart Mute and Title Tweaks.

The following features are intended for release to these domains on May 29th:
- Docs: 

Research pane which allows you to look up information and search from inside your document.
- Quick access to contact details: When searching for an email address, the results will now show you contact details in addition to that person's profile photo and the emails sent from and to them. From here, you can start a chat, call their phone and more. Plus, if your contacts have a Google+ profile, this information will stay up to date automatically.
- More circle integration and circle search: Users on Google Plus will also now see profile photos of people in their selected circle and circles are now supported in search and filters.

Contacts delegation allows users to delegate full access to the contacts in their “My Contacts” group without granting access to their mail or anything else in their accounts.