Monday, June 18, 2012

New ways to share and manage your contacts

Posted by Amanda Camp, Software Engineer, Google Contacts 

Today we’re adding a couple of new ways to share your contacts: Contacts Delegation and an enhanced shared Directory. Both of these features were inspired by feedback from customers who wanted more ways to manage shared contacts.

Contacts Delegation
Google Apps users can now delegate their contacts to other people at their organization. Many of you might already have someone help manage your inbox or schedule with our email and calendar delegation features. Now, you can delegate management of your contacts without granting access to your entire email inbox. While this feature is great for support staff, it can also be used by anyone who wants to share their contacts with a colleague at their organization.

Shared Directory
We’ve also improved the Directory shared across your organization to make it a more functional collection of shared contacts for everyone in your domain. Now, the Directory can display all of the domain's users, all of the domain's shared contacts, or both. As before, individual users may also be selectively hidden from the Directory.

We’re always adding new enhancements to Apps. On the Contacts front, we plan to continue improving access to fresh, relevant and appropriate contact information to keep you more connected.